Bathroom hardware accessories are literally defined

Release time:2019-03-28

Bathroom hardware accessories are literally defined: re […]

Bathroom hardware accessories are literally defined: refers to the installation of the bathroom, hanging, placing towels Bath towels (bathroom supplies such as: soap bath liquid hand sanitizer shampoo lotion and other beauty products toothbrush toothpaste, cup, etc.) metal products.
The price of bathroom hardware accessories, styles and functions is quite different. Due to frequent use and rapid product updates, bathroom accessories are consumables. In addition, the appearance looks like fine art and is easy to attract. For the future development of the bathroom hardware industry, entrepreneurs have locked in the three key words of optimism, e-commerce and energy conservation and environmental protection.

There are many sets of bathroom accessories, but they mainly include mirrors, toothbrush cups, cup holders, soap tables, towel bars, towel racks, clothes hooks, paper tube holders, clothes hooks and toilet brush boxes. Sanitary ware is a necessity for the lives of ordinary people. In order to win the favor of ordinary consumers, merchants have expanded their market share and constantly innovated. People who often visit the building materials market can easily find that the current sanitary ware products range from functions and styles to creativity. Consumers can shop at their own discretion and enjoy the thoughtful service.
What kind of sanitary wares to buy is the most cost-effective issue for the decoration consumers.
The sanitary ware market is "water is very deep"
In the building materials market, the prices of some products in the sanitary ware market are very high, and the discounts given by sales personnel when introducing products are often from low to high, but there is no specific discount space.
For example, in a well-known large-scale building materials store in Shanghai, the price of a brand's original toilet price of 990 yuan was only 599 yuan, and the original price of a brand of conjoined toilets and bathroom cabinets was 3,846 yuan. The current price is only for 1999. yuan. The discounted price is only about half of the original price. Are these brands at a loss? Or can a merchant keep profit while halving the usual selling price?
These phenomena make people feel that the price is not real, and how clean the market "water" is.
According to industry sources, sanitary ware products are generally set by the manufacturer to set the market price, but in the sales process, the final price is determined by the market. Consumers generally shop around when they buy. If the price is too high or does not match the consumer's psychological price, the product sales are difficult to open. Therefore, in the face of fierce market competition, merchants will realistically set prices and conduct brand positioning.