Kitchen hygiene is probably the hardest place for everyone to clean

Release time:2019-07-05

Kitchen hygiene is probably the hardest place for every […]

Kitchen hygiene is probably the hardest place for everyone to clean. Because the kitchen has so much soot that everything in the kitchen gets oily, it's hard to clean. The faucet on the kitchen sink is so dirty that it doesn't look like it's flowing every day, but it's also the most exposed to the kitchen every day. So how is the kitchen faucet dirty? Today, I will tell you a quick and convenient way to clean the kitchen faucet. Let's learn together and make the kitchen faucet clean.

First, we have to prepare a bag of baking soda, pour it in the palm of your hand, then slowly apply it to the faucet in the kitchen, then prepare a small bowl or a small bowl, then pour the white vinegar into it. At this time, put a few sheets of paper inside, let the paper absorb some white vinegar, then take out the vinegar-laden paper, and then put one by one on the faucet. It is best to pack the faucet tightly, so that it is packed for 10 minutes. about. When the time is up, you can tear off the paper wrapped in the faucet.

White vinegar and baking soda are known as kitchen oil cleaning artifacts. With these two things, other things in the kitchen can be cleaned. For example, if we cook a pot, it will be black and dark for a long time, and the oil in the kitchen will make the pot very dirty and difficult to see, as well as gas stoves, oil spilled during cooking, and other stains. There is also the kitchen with the most dirty and dirty oil, the range hood, although most of the range hoods now have self-cleaning functions when they are bought, but everyone will know that it is just a selling point, long time. There will still be a lot of oil on it.