Nowadays many families will choose a pull-type faucet

Release time:2019-07-27

Nowadays, when many families are installing at home, th […]

Nowadays, when many families are installing at home, they will choose a pull-type faucet. Compared with the traditional faucet, this faucet is more convenient to use. It is made of stainless steel as a whole, and it is very beautiful and practical. high.

Everyone has encountered such a situation. In the process of cleaning items, we sometimes feel that the faucet is not particularly convenient to use, but if we use this type of faucet, our use will be more convenient.

For example, when we are cooking, we often need to add water to the pot. However, if we use traditional faucets, it is particularly troublesome to pick up water. With a telescopic faucet, we can directly remove the faucet and add water to the pot. In this way, water is very convenient. After use, just put it back. This faucet looks not only very high-grade, but also very practical.

For traditional faucets, after a period of long use, rusting often occurs, and in the colder season, it is very troublesome to use the faucet, because it is easy to freeze when not paying attention. It also has ice, and the traditional faucet can only be rotated left and right, very stiff. This new type of faucet can rotate 360 ​​degrees without dead angle, no matter where it is washed.

When you are at home, you can give priority to this type of faucet. Because the Chinese kitchen smoke is heavy, the faucet is easily contaminated with some oil and needs to be cleaned frequently. After frequent cleaning, the traditional faucet often loses its luster. This kind of pull-type faucet does not have such a problem, because its surface uses a very special coating, not only very corrosion-resistant, but also oil-free, especially easy to clean, more importantly, it can be distributed forever. The luster of the metal enhances the room value.