The bathroom has a large amount of water

Release time:2019-05-31

The bathroom has a large amount of water, and there are […]

The bathroom has a large amount of water, and there are many water points. In addition to its own habits, the ground, especially the corners and the water outlet, are wet all the year round. Once it leaks, it will have a very bad impact on itself and the neighbors downstairs. It is not acceptable to not handle it.

First of all, we have to determine whether it is a ground leak or a leak in the pipeline. If it is possible to completely eliminate the possibility of leakage of concealed pipes (including inlet pipes and drain pipes), it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the faucet is leaking at the position of the wall, at the faucet and Where the pipe junction (just a little bit inside the wall tile) is not sealed, it will leak.
Small areas can also be repaired by means of cement bricks. It is usually chosen to reassemble the previous waterproof layer or to reinforce the waterproof layer.

If the hot and cold water pipes leak, the floor tiles should be opened, and the joints of the water pipes below should be found. The joints should be re-docked and sealed. After the treatment, the pipes will be buried in the ground and smeared with cement mortar or plugging. Then repair the waterproofing in this range and finally restore the tiles. This is the way we least want to use, neither saving money nor effort. This work also requires a very large work area, and after the completion of the home, the health needs to be re-cleaned.

Now there is a brick-free magic water waterproof coating on the market, which can be directly applied to the leaking toilet base or ceramic tile surface, forming a transparent and tough film on the surface of the building, just like putting a raincoat on the building. Forms a 100% impervious membrane that is resistant to acids, alkalis, corrosion, and flexibility. It is glued together with the building to achieve the purpose of plugging and leaking. Because of its easy operation, the construction is simple, the effect is remarkable, and it is very environmentally friendly. It is the best choice for bathroom plugging products.