The kitchen faucet looks simple

Release time:2019-02-01

The kitchen faucet looks simple, but has many component […]

The kitchen faucet looks simple, but has many components and complex construction. In addition to focusing on basic functions when purchasing, other details cannot be ignored.

The faucet is first used to effluent, and the quality of the effluent directly determines whether a faucet is easy to use or not. A good bubbler can bring excellent water output, not only soft touch, but also effective water saving and splash prevention.

The surface treatment determines the life of the faucet. For example, chrome plating makes the surface of the faucet bright as a mirror. It is difficult to scratch when used for a long time. The poor treatment makes the surface uneven, sometimes there are traces of welding, and white spots are generated. Or yellow spots, causing peeling.

The faucet valve core generally has a plastic core, a ceramic valve core, a stainless steel valve core, and a full copper valve core. It is recommended to buy a ceramic valve core. The reason is that the kitchen faucet generally outputs hot and cold water, and the high temperature of the hot water may cause deformation of plastic or copper or foreign matter.

The inlet pipe is also an important part of the kitchen faucet. If the quality is not enough, it will seep or directly squib in the long-term use. In addition, the inlet pipe is preferably equipped with a filter gasket to filter out some of the water impurities, effectively protecting the inlet pipe and extending the life of the faucet.