The kitchen faucet should be switched frequently

Release time:2019-09-12

The kitchen faucet should be switched frequently, and t […]

The kitchen faucet should be switched frequently, and the quality of the valve core will determine the service life of the faucet. The faucet testing standard in China has clearly defined that the no-drip test of the switch requires no less than 200,000 switching times.

To choose a low-temperature welding process between the inlet pipe and the faucet body, use a special welding material, kitchen faucets without contaminants.

To understand the warranty period, generally should be no less than 3 years. Now there is a kitchen faucet treated with aerospace technology PVD technology, which can withstand the brushing of steel wool and various cleaning agents, without fading and abrasion.

The design of the kitchen faucet should be simple, so that it is more convenient to clean and does not cause blockage of residue.

Kitchen faucets should choose a large brand service provider with after-sales service, so that the kitchen faucet can be used without any worries.

Basin faucet
The main body is made of brass, and the exterior is chrome-plated, gold-plated and various metal baking varnishes. The shapes are various, and the handles are single-handle and double-handle. There is also a basin faucet equipped with a water lifting lever, which can be directly pulled to open the water outlet of the wash basin to remove sewage. This faucet is used in conjunction with the bathroom vanity to wash and wash your face. Therefore, it is practical and coordinated to choose a faucet with a short nozzle and a low nozzle, but it is necessary to leave enough washing space. After locking such a faucet, first look at whether the faucet mounting hole of the basin is single or triple, and then select the faucet according to the actual situation.
Sink faucet

If you have a hot water line in your kitchen, this faucet should also be double. In addition, the water outlet of the kitchen faucet is taller and longer, and some have a hose design for you to wash food. The faucet should also be very long, preferably extending above the drain and not splashing.