The new type of faucet is actually a pull-type faucet

Release time:2019-11-09

The new type of faucet is actually a pull-type faucet. […]

The new type of faucet is actually a pull-type faucet. I believe that everyone can understand some of the advantages of this faucet by listening to the name. In fact, the pull-type faucet has a name called a water valve. The reason why the water valve is made is because of this. A kind of faucet can control the water flow, so when we don't need so much water, we can make the water flow smaller, so we can save a lot of water, so when the pull-out faucet comes out, it has already been A lot of people love it.

When you use the kitchen, you definitely need to clean some tableware and some large pots. This is definitely more troublesome if we add these things to the faucet nearby, but if we choose this type of pull-out If you use a faucet, then we can move the faucet directly to clean these things, so it is much more convenient to use. Usually, the pull-type faucet can pump about 1.5 meters, so when we need to add water in the pot when making food, we can move the faucet directly. For some family women, if the kitchen With this faucet, it is definitely a good thing.

In addition, we can also change the water way of the pull-type faucet. There are two main ways of water discharge, namely the column type and the conventional water spray method. We can choose according to our own needs. It's quite simple to operate, so you can install it in the kitchen.