What are the bathroom accessories

Release time:2019-08-16

What are the bathroom accessories? The towel bar is als […]

What are the bathroom accessories? The towel bar is also the magnificent classical Chinese and Western style of the bathroom accessories. It uses modern materials and crafts to create the style of the palace. It expresses the meaning of classical Chinese and Western culture, has perfect lines, and excels in detail processing. Warm and comfortable. The combination of Chinese and Western sanitary ware is not only a luxurious atmosphere, but also more warm and romantic. The Chinese and Western crafts show the best, the products are noble and elegant, the color is round and smooth, it is not only a towel rack, but also a work of art. The outstanding intrinsic quality and elegant design reflect the perfect combination of technology and art.

The showers used at home also belong to bathroom accessories. For everyone, it is a European classical style shower from Huangzi. The golden shower head inherits European and American classics and enjoys royal luxury. 8 inch top spray, silicone water hole nails, healthy and environmentally friendly and durable, easy to squeeze to remove scale, never rust, each water hole is designed with care, let you enjoy the real world of showers. The hand-held shower, nested ivory white ceramic design, perfectly matched with the copper, reveals the ancient and modern art beauty, is the embodiment of the owner's luxury fashion and personal taste. The most classic shower product, with a rounded intricate pull ring handle, creates a different bathroom space.

Let's take a look at the last bathroom accessory, a smart toilet lid from the brand Nine Animal Husband, an American-style toilet lid. The five-speed temperature adjustment of the seat is adopted, and it is no longer afraid of being cold when the toilet is in the winter. The unique night light illumination, soft lighting at night, can be easily used when you go to the toilet without turning on the lights. With a multi-functional washing and massage method, you can completely immerse yourself in the pleasure of washing. Spraying with air mixing technology, one-half the amount of water for optimal rinsing. This is the best partner for your toilet, making it your exclusive customization. Digital PID technology and frequency conversion adjustment technology, the temperature is more reliable, and can meet the needs of continuous use.