When purchasing bathroom hardware be sure to observe it carefully.

Release time:2019-02-28

When purchasing bathroom hardware, be sure to observe i […]

When purchasing bathroom hardware, be sure to observe it carefully. In general, the surface is bright and delicate, the more obvious the mirror effect, then the better the processing of the coating is, the quality is superior, but pay attention to the following points when observing different materials:

Stainless steel material: General stainless steel material is resistant to wear and is not easy to rust, but the style is relatively simple and the process is general.

Hollow copper plating: This material is rich in style and low in cost, but it is easy to wear and deform.

Solid copper chrome: This material is generally finely crafted and has a thick plating layer. It is currently the most popular among consumers, but the style is single and expensive.

Aluminum alloy material: This kind of hardware is currently the most popular, it is wear-resistant, light and durable, but it may affect the appearance after a long time.

We all said that things are good, you can know when you touch them, so you can use the method of holding the material to see how good or bad the material is. Now, in order to make money, everyone has it. Some bad businesses will use the cast iron material to pretend to be copper or copper. Zinc alloy hardware, so we should pay special attention to these when choosing. We can hold the hardware for two or three seconds and then loosen it. If the fog and traces disappear quickly, it can be judged to be copper. Anyway, if fog, The traces have not dissipated for a long time, and the material is not necessarily copper. Be careful when choosing.

When choosing the bathroom hardware, I still listened a lot to the introduction of the brand guide, mainly listening to the introduction of the coating. To know that good bathroom hardware has not only experienced the previous grinding, polishing, dust removal, but also as many as six or seven layers of nickel and chrome plating process, the more the coating, the better the quality