Bath accessories are available in both copper-plated

Release time:2019-04-19

Bath accessories are available in both copper-plated an […]

Bath accessories are available in both copper-plated and copper-polished copper products, and more are chrome-plated products, among which titanium alloys are the most high-grade, followed by copper chrome, stainless steel chrome, and aluminum alloy chrome. , iron chrome products and even plastic products.

It is necessary to match the three-dimensional bathroom set (bathtub, toilet, washbasin) of the bathroom with the three-piece bathroom fittings, and also match the shape of the faucet and the surface coating treatment.

The quasi-electroplating layer not only makes the surface of the product fine and uniform, but also avoids oxidation and rust in a humid environment. Use your eyes to look at the surface of the pendant. If the surface is free of blistering and the coating is even, you can choose

Products processed through strict process standards often undergo complicated machining, polishing, welding, inspection and other processes. The products are not only beautiful in appearance, good in performance, but also excellent in feel, even and smooth and flawless.

Compared with other spaces in the home, the bathroom environment is the most humid, so in the purchase of home improvement materials, mainly on hardware accessories, pay special attention to moisture resistance.

The materials of the bathroom accessories are generally one of copper, aluminum, stainless steel and zinc alloy. These materials can basically achieve the same aesthetic effect through the fine process, but they also have their own characteristics. Among them, copper has antibacterial function, and the production of patterns is also rich, often selected by the high-end market. The aluminum material is light and durable, and its strength and anti-corrosion performance are high. However, due to the difficulty in processing aluminum, the shape is generally simple and the price is very affordable. The service life of stainless steel is not short, but if it is only polished and not electroplated, it will oxidize over time and become dull. The service life of zinc alloys is far less than the above.

Therefore, the choice of copper materials for bathroom accessories is the most reliable. And people who know, choose fine copper. why? In addition to moisture, it is stronger, more resistant to dirt and more textured.