The decoration of the bathroom at home

Release time:2019-04-13

The decoration of the bathroom at home, the grasp of th […]

The decoration of the bathroom at home, the grasp of the drainage details is very important. This is because there is a lot of water in the bathroom area, the drainage is not done well, and the waste water in the bathroom cannot be drained in time, which is very troublesome. Renovating the bathroom to do the slope is a drainage method, but this method takes a lot of effort, and now the master is using this way to do the bathroom drainage, the drainage speed is increased by 10 times!

It is recommended that the water pipe top is the safest because the water is characterized by water flowing down. If the pipeline goes underground, once water leakage occurs, it is difficult to find it in time. If the floor is deformed and leaked downstairs, it will find water leakage. This has a serious impact. Friendly neighborhood relationship, if the water pipe goes to the top, even if it leaks, it can be found in time, easy to overhaul, and the loss is small.

The bathroom is the darkest and most humid place in the whole family, so ventilation is especially important. If you can design a window in the bathroom, if you don't have this condition, in order to prevent the mold from appearing in the bathroom, you can Install the exhaust fan.

3, the water pipe to avoid parcels
Many people like to wrap the pipes in the bathroom tightly, and this happens to cause the moisture to be trapped inside the pipe, so the moisture in the bathroom will be more serious.

It is recommended that the water pressure test be carried out after the construction. The experiment generally suppresses eight kilograms, 10:20 to 30 minutes.