Most consumers pay more attention to the appearance and function

Release time:2019-05-16

Most consumers pay more attention to the appearance and […]

Most consumers pay more attention to the appearance and function when choosing the kitchen faucet, and rarely know the material of the faucet. If you want to choose a high-quality good faucet, the choice of materials is crucial.

1: copper

At present, most kitchen faucets on the market use copper as the main material, and copper contains copper ions, which can prevent bacteria from growing inside the faucet. However, the copper will be patina, and if the surface treatment is not good, the plating may be peeled off after a long time.

Copper body pulling

There are many kinds of copper materials, and different countries have different requirements for copper. At present, the common leading materials in the world are GB copper, non-standard copper, lead-free copper, H63 copper, H65 copper, DZR copper, 4MS copper and so on.

Copper comparison table

1-1: GB copper

According to the national standard "GB 18145-2014 ceramic sheet sealing nozzle" copper, there is a hard regulation on the precipitation of metal pollutants. The national standard copper is generally Hpb59 copper (copper content is greater than or equal to 59%), and the leading copper exported to most European countries adopts this standard copper.

Antique copper

1-2: Non-standard copper

Refers to copper materials not produced according to national standards, generally used for inferior faucets, containing more metal precipitation, the lead super-standard faucet used in the early years of the big news is non-standard copper.

1-3: Lead-free copper

Lead-free copper is not really lead-free, but refers to lead content within three thousandths. Currently, the standard CUPC in North America stipulates that the lead content of faucet products is not more than 0.25%.

1-4: H63, H65 copper

A copper material having a copper content of 63% or more and 65% or less. The copper material is relatively soft and is generally used for processing parts having a large deformation such as a bent pipe.

1-5: DZR copper

It is used to export to Australia and New Zealand. The water in these two areas is high in salt, so this special copper is needed to prevent zinc from being precipitated.

1-5:4MS copper

Copper for drinking water taps in France, Germany, the Netherlands, UK