Precision stamping parts have an important position in industrial production

Release time:2019-05-11

Precision stamping parts have an important position in […]

Precision stamping parts have an important position in industrial production. After years of development, China's precision stamping parts industry has gradually embarked on formality, and it is also expanding in the world market, but it is leading to a higher development direction. In fact, there are still many difficulties and problems, mainly in the following aspects.

Research on the manufacturing process of precision stamping parts The world has accumulated a large number of proprietary technologies, especially in the century-old factory, the technology accumulation has reached a very high level. However, China has accumulated a small amount of expertise in precision stamping parts, and there is still a long way to go.

The outstanding problem affecting the life of precision stamping parts is the quality of materials and heat treatment. At present, the price of imported steel is too expensive. In the case that the output is not very large, most precision stamping parts still use domestic steel. The material quality of domestic steel is not good, and the process control and quality instability of forging and heat treatment lead to a great difference in overall life, generally 1/3 of foreign countries.

The research on finite element numerical simulation technology and precision analysis of precision stamping parts in foreign countries has reached a high level, and has been applied to design check and design verification of precision stamping parts, optimization of structures, etc. . Although some universities and research institutes in China have carried out basic research work in this respect, there are still some gaps in the application research of these technologies.

In order to improve the overall capacity of China's precision stamping parts industry and accelerate the development of industry standards, it is particularly important to formulate national or industry standards for precision stamping parts in China under the conditions of comprehensive world standards and actual development of China's industry.