The basin faucet is also an indispensable product in the field

Release time:2019-10-12

The basin faucet is also an indispensable product in th […]

The basin faucet is also an indispensable product in the field of faucets and is widely used in basins in public places and family bathrooms.

There are not many types of basin faucets, which can be classified according to the faucet style and installation method.

According to the different installation methods of the faucet, including: sitting basin faucet and hanging basin faucet. The sitting faucet simply means that the faucet is directly connected to the basin, and the outlet is usually aligned with the basin control, which is a relatively common installation method; the hanging faucet is characterized in that it is not directly connected to the basin, and It is to bury its own pipe in the wall and extend the faucet. This design is more fashionable and suitable for consumers who follow the trend. According to the style of the faucet, it can be roughly divided into four types:
1. Single valve single hole type: This style of faucet is a more traditional style. There is only one inlet for the faucet and only one valve, which is usually only used for the entry and exit of cold water.
2, single valve double hole type: single valve double hole type faucet means that there is only one valve, but there are two inlets of the faucet, one cold and one hot, generally under the control of the left and right rotation of the valve to achieve control and regulation of hot and cold The purpose of water.
3, double valve single hole type: only one inlet of the faucet, but there are two valves, this style of faucet is not commonly used in home life.
4, double valve double hole type: There are two inlets, and there are two valves. The valve of this faucet controls cold water and controls hot water. The disadvantage is the lack of reconciliation of hot and cold water.